Sherrie Russel Meline

Sherrie Russell Meline

About the Federal Duck Stamp

Since it’s conception in 1934, the Federal Duck Stamp Program is one history’s greatest achievement in conservation. Five million acres of wetland habitat has been purchased for inclusion into the National Wildlife Refuge System to ensure that this land will he protected and maintained for generations to come.

98% of every Federal Duck Stamp dollar goes directly into the Migratory Bird Conservation Fund. Purchasing a Federal Duck Stamp gives everyone a chance to participate in preserving our National Heritage.

About the Artist

Sherrie Russel Meline has been a professional artist since the mid~1970s. She has always been interested in art and her talent has been apparent and acknowledged since early childhood. Born in Madison, Wisconsin, Sherrie attended high school in Tokyo Japan. and in 1972 she graduated with honors in fine art from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Her professional career began in San Jose, California in 1974 when she applied her unique painting style to laminated wood sculpture.. Although a decoy collector since her college days, Sherries interest in waterfowl was not expressed in her work until after she moved to Mount Shasta California in 1980.

Northern California provides an abundant resource of material for Sherrie’s paintings. She feels that observing and photographing waterfowl in both their native and captive environment are essential for establishing proper bird attitudes. The additional use of mounts and study skins provide the source for the fine feather detail also evident in Sherrie’s work. The paintings are an acrylic wash delicately applied layer by layer from a self- mixed palette. All the colors are mixed from combinations of red, yellow, blue, black and white.

Sherrie and her husband, Kevin, publish and distribute her limited edition prints nationally through their gallery, Wingbeat of Mt. Shasta. Sherrie also shows at various art, sport and wildlife art shows across the Country.

Since 1982, Sherrie has been a member of the Pacific Flyway Decoy Association and has served on the Board of Directors since 1986. Ducks Unlimited appointed her as Honorary National Trustee. She is a life member of California Waterfowl Association, and a major donor to California Waterfowl Association, Ducks Unlimited National Wild Turkey Federation, Pheasants Forever, Quail Unlimited and The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Although Sherries Waterfowl have successfully graced the face of more than 30 State Duck Stamps, this is the first time that her work was selected for the Federal Duck Stamp. She has competed twelve times. The annual competition took place at the School of Art in Memphis, Tennessee and on September 15, 2005, Sherries Ross’ Goose was selected by a Board of Judges for the 2006-2007 Federal Duck Stamp.’ “It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of Federal Duck Stamp history”.

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